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Eargasm Foam Earplugs - 100 count (50 pairs)

Eargasm Foam Earplugs - 100 count (50 pairs)

Are you tired of standing at the back of gigs, trying to enjoy your favourite bands while fighting to keep your pants on from the sheer volume of the music? Or maybe you're sick of the invisible mosquito plague buzzing around in your head later that night? You need Eargasm earplugs baby! These little guys will let you rock out with your .. phone out without blowing out your eardrums or losing your pants! Come join the cool kids in the front row!


REDUCE NOISE with a robust 32dB Noise Reduction Rating! Eargasm Foam Earplugs are your go-to for sleeping, snoring, studying, gunfire or any environment where maximum sound reduction is your top priority.


GET ULTIMATE COMFORT with easily moldable, super-soft foam that slowly expands into the ear to create the ideal seal.


HIGHEST QUALITY FOAM! Like all Eargasm® products, our new foam earplugs have undergone extensive R&D to produce the best polyurethane product on the market!


STAY PROTECTED with 50 pairs of earplugs included in each package.


FREE CONVENIENT CARRYING CASE keeps your earplugs safe and clean on the go!

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